Spiritual Soundscapes in Loney Dear’s Hall Music

I have been to many concerts over the years and one of the most memorable was Loney Dear at the Roskilde Festival in 2007. Emil Svanängen with his band enthralled with their harmonies that grow and grow into some sort of chaos of beautiful tones. Emil is also fond of making audience choir a part of the music accompaniment which brings euphoria even further on a Loney concert.
Now, Loney Dear releases his sixth album, Hall Music, which is a delightful musical journey. The basic theme remains with beautiful soundscapes that make up the moods in the songs. It feels like genuineness and experimentation may be in front of total perfection, which gives the album’s soul and feeling. Music that is built from the heart. Music that touches. Enjoy!    /Niclas

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Pics From Kulturnatten NKPG

Last weekend it was the yearly culture night in Norrköping. A very cosy evening with a great cultural spirit hanging over the whole city. This evening every year most instruments in the city are out on the streets making sweet sounds.


KallocaiN had a gig at Arbetets museum. We played a soft set in the nice café environment. We are very grateful to all people that came to see and support us.

A special thanks to Kristian “Limpan” Karlsson and the other guys at Sensus who managed the PA. And of course to Lars Carlberg who shot the pictures.

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KallocaiN – Firecracker Live

Here’s Firecracker live at Skandiateatern in Norrköping

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Diamond Delivery from Nicolai Dunger

As a daily commuter I have about two hours of meditative contemplation each day. This is more or less the time I have to listen to music daily and I see the albums that make it to this play list as some kind of soft music hall of fame of my own. In short, they are special to me. The latest add to my commuting play list is Nicolai Dunger – Ballad of This Land. A master piece in many ways. All the way through it has a nice choosy sound that highlights Nicolai’s great voice which he uses in many ways throughout the album. Actually the album is a good demonstration in singing technique. I think what I like most about Ballad of This Land is that Nicolai doesn’t complicate things. The melodies are genuine and bravely simple so it feels strange that noone has invented them already. Ok, they remind me of things I’ve heard before but maybe that’s the good thing because I get associations to nice things. For example children TV programs from my childhood :) Sara Isaksson delivers a very nice complementing voice here and there. For example in Lost in Freedom which is an awesome work.

Here follows a list of some other artists that have qualified to my commuter play list lately, old as new, famous as not that famous: Innocence Mission, Don Peris, White Birch, Jason Molina, Loney Dear, Alela Diane, Fleet Foxes, Josh Tillman, Anna Ternheim, Bon Iver, Meadows Ever Bleeding, Britta Persson, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Death Cab for Cutie, Denison Witmer, Laura Veirs, Midlake, Neil Halstead, Sade, Norah Jones, Zebastian and the Sun, Camel, Ulver and Merit Hemmingson.

And of course they’re all on Spotify which is my source of listening.

Peace & Love

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KallocaiN – Genesis Video

This is something between a live take and a zero budget music video. It is based on the performance we did at Skandiateatern in August. Cheers!

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KallocaiN Licensed to 14 US TV Shows

KallocaiN has landed no less than 14 licensing contracts for US TV shows airing on MTV, E!TV and  Oxygen. Feels kinda crazy for sure :? All thanks to Mr Jon Delange at Tinderbox Music. Now hopefully KallocaiN’s music will pop up here and there in different US TV shows during the forthcoming seasons.

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Massive KallocaiN Radio Airplays All Across US

We have just received nice statistics from our US radio promotor Tinderbox Music. KallocaiN has received airplays on over 125!! collage radio stations all across US the past few weeks. If counting by station adds it goes near 150. Overwhelming indeed :) We have even hit the charts on some of the stations. We are really grateful to the hard working guys at Tinderbox Music which are now also pushing KallocaiN’s record in a TV show promotion campaign towards MTV, E!TV and Discovery Channel amongst others. Can’t wait for the outcome of that.

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Pic from gig this week

Here’s a pic from a gig KallocaiN had in Norrköping this week. My guitar mic crapped out X-(

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Unplugged @ Hugo

Last week I performed acoustic at Hugo in Norrköping. Here is a video clip with some snapshots also including two covers: Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song and Denison Witmer – Little Flowers. Chill out!

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Live @ Café Broadway

We´d like the first post in this blog to be a clip from our release party for “Between Two States”. It was a cosy evening in a cosy café. I believe it is also the oldest existing café in Norrköping.

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